Stir Crazy and a Bouncy House

What is with this weather? One day it's 60 degrees out, the next the wind chill has it down to 13. Three inches of snow on Saturday, rain yesterday and now sunny today and most of the snow is gone. We have a marshy mess of a lawn, and the kids would so rather be outside walking the block. But, we've … [Read more...]

Preschool Changed Our Lives

... but in ways I wasn't expecting. This is the time of year for registering children for the following fall at school. We live in an area where registration can be a bit nuts - in fact, just last week I registered Cbear for the 4's program next year and in order to ensure we still kept the same … [Read more...]

Perfect Combo: Uncle C and trains under the tree

My brother and I really liked Christmas. In fact, we had two Christmas trees when I was growing up. One was the "real" one that was in our living room and had the pretty ornaments. The other was an artificial tree in the finished basement that my brother and I were allowed to decorate as we saw fit. … [Read more...]

Before Christmas arrives, some Thanksgiving photos!

It's sad that I'm feeling ahead of the game posting this simply because I'm getting these photos up prior to the next holiday! I don't seem to have many photos from this year's Thanksgiving day gathering. Must rectify that for Christmas! Cbear and Great Nana reading together. Daddy tickling … [Read more...]

Battle of the pushing toys

It's like a cage match here, only the competitors are the boys vs. the walls and anything in their path. Seriously, these pushing toys may destroy our house. Our walls may very well fall down around us. We've got many a battle scar: June from the Little Einsteins has lost her pedestal, a dinosaur … [Read more...]

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