The Lunch Bunch Meltdown

Cbear LOVED his first experience at lunch bunch about 2 weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck, of course. But Cbear? Cbear pretended I wasn't there when it was time for pick up. Yeah, the kid enjoyed his extended time away from Mommy. This past Friday at pickup, I received a different reaction. The … [Read more...]

Get in the Picture: #3

My little bath tub artists. I was a bit late on this week's photo, so here is a quick and "dirty" (ha ha pun intended) photo of the boys and I! … [Read more...]

Flannel and Bacon

There are many, many things the bears will not eat. Like, almost everything is on the no thank you list of foods with these kids. Imagine my surprise when Bbear decided he would help himself to my bacon! The kid ate 2 slices! WOW! Hmmm... let's see what this bacon thing is all about. Ha ha... … [Read more...]

Stir Crazy and a Bouncy House

What is with this weather? One day it's 60 degrees out, the next the wind chill has it down to 13. Three inches of snow on Saturday, rain yesterday and now sunny today and most of the snow is gone. We have a marshy mess of a lawn, and the kids would so rather be outside walking the block. But, we've … [Read more...]

Bbear’s 2nd Birthday!

Have 2 years really already passed? I remember waking up that morning, and going about things calmly even though my water had broken. I was picking up some of the house because we had house showings later that day (Friday) as well as two scheduled for that Sunday. So many little things I remember … [Read more...]

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