Summer Sunsets

Sunset Water

There is something amazing about walking the block to the beach and being greeted with a newly painted sky each night.  Summer sunsets down the shore are breathtakingly beautiful.  Photos barely do the color justice. One key tip – don’t leave when the sun dips below the horizon. The really gorgeous colors come out about […]

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White Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

White Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake 5

White Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake was the perfect way to enjoy birthday week at our house. Last week we celebrated two birthday: my 40th and C’s 8th.While I love my birthday, I find that I spend most of the time planning for C’s birthday.  We did have a perfect day visiting Valley Forge and having […]

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Girls Weekend Away


This weekend is the first time that I’ve traveled somewhere with just one child since, well…, since I only had one child. I don’t know why, but this end-of-school year time has been tough for everyone this year.  Before all three kids are home for the summer with me while I’m working full time from […]

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Being a Princess


BGB is ALL about being a Disney princess these days. It’s so fun to watch her curtsy and bow and pretend to walk around in a big princess dress when she doesn’t know I’m watching. I’m not even sure where she learned to curtsy… I can only guess it’s from Sofia the First since our […]

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Feeding Therapy – Case Closed

feeding therapy 1

I figured an update was due on our adventures with Feeding Therapy. It’s been slow. It’s been frustrating. It’s taken a lot of time. We’re pretty close to the facility that we visit twice a week, every week, but the act of getting the kids ready and getting us there and then back before having […]

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