Hallmark Mother’s Day Cards

Mothers Day Gift Basket Hallmark

There is just something about receiving a Hallmark greeting card that puts a smile on my face. Hallmark, to me, means quality cards that make a connection between the giver and the receiver.  I love spending time at the store just browsing through the cards and often have a hard time picking just … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day: HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® #Moms4JNJConsumer

Moms4JNJConsumer Healthy Essentials

During high school, I was a member of the Green Environment club. Mostly, it was a fun time to hang out with friends after school with the cool English teacher that liked to meditate and tell us he thought he might have been a tree in a past life. But, we also did some good. I specifically remember … [Read more...]

Healthy Kids Running Series GIVEAWAY

I am a Healthy Kids Blog Ambassador and received free registration to this series. Have you heard of Healthy Kids Running Series? I remember last Spring seeing several signs near my house advertising this program but wasn't sure what it was. I'll blame still being in that new baby fog at that point … [Read more...]

Disney FROZEN: Forever Family

FROZEN Walmart Toys

This week Disney's FROZEN the movie hit stores on March 18th. We saw the movie last Fall and ever since the boys have been begging me nearly weekly to see it again. While I wasn't rushing my local Walmart at midnight on the 18th, I made a secret trip with BGB to the store around 10am so that I could … [Read more...]

Minted: Unique Announcements & Invitations

Birth Announcements

I received Minted credit in exchange for this post on Baby Shower Invitation and Birth Announcements. I fell in love with Minted when I was introduced to the company last Fall. So many amazing, quality products such as birth announcements and baby shower invitations are offered on Minted.com that … [Read more...]