War paint: #WordlessWednesday

This is what happens when I leave the room for just a few seconds: Cbear PAINTS Bbear! … [Read more...]

My Littlest Bear

Well, for another 6 weeks or so! I know I'm partial, but seriously, isn't Bbear just adorable? With just a few weeks before baby girl gets here, I've grown a bit nostalgic. How did he get so big? I just saw a picture from Bbear's first Halloween, 2 years ago (~10 months old), and while he looks … [Read more...]

Boys in the Kitchen

Another THANK YOU post - this time to Scott and Ali!  The boys love the kitchen set! Cbear was the first to rise... guess I should get him cooking breakfast! Starting the microwave. Apparently, to get the microwave to work, one must swirl one's hand in front of the window. And what … [Read more...]


I was having a very 'off' day on Sunday. We were out late the night before, and I just wasn't my usual self. I went out when the store opened at 10am and bought the wrong size shoes for Cbear. Circled back around and exchanged those for the correct size. But that wasn't the biggest WHOOPS I … [Read more...]

A Boy, Through and Through

At least this is a picture of Bbear after we had a birthday lunch/dinner for my grandmother! He loves running outside with the girls next door! Cbear is going to have some competition. Although, maybe not if this boy keeps trying to eat the dirt! … [Read more...]

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