The boys have been enjoying our time at the bay, splashing away in the calm waters.  But after a few jellyfish incidents (3 stings in two days) we decided to head over to the island and get some real wave action in!

JellyFish Bay

I had to laugh. Growing up, we always hit the Cape May beaches. That was part of summer vacation – pool as often as we could while at home and then a good week visiting my grandparents in historic Cape May. We didn’t lug around boogie boards. Oh no! We were expert body surfers in those days.  Of course, the boys decided that since they use the boogie boards on the “waves” in the bay that they would up their game Oceanside.

Beach Boogie Board

That lasted about two waves and then they were done with that experiment.  It really became a game of “Let’s see how many times we can wipe out”. It was almost a badge of honor to them. I have to admit, the slope of the beach seems to have big waves crashing in shallower waters than I recall. But the boys had fun and I enjoyed watching the show from the comfort of my beach chair as they played!


Splash Waves

I also cannot figure out how this one got THIS much sand in his hair.


And if you were wondering about BGB… she opted to stay home with Nanny to recover from her two days of jellyfish stings.  Can’t really blame here there!

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