Cape May County Zoo

I’ve been heading to Cape May for 40 years now.  Forty!  Beautiful sunsets and relaxing days are when I enjoy, and it’s perfect for a visit any time of year. The boys have been begging to head to the beach during the winter. Last weekend was the perfect weekend to visit since temperatures were in the upper 50’s.  Of course, without the warm waters to splash in, we needed something else to occupy the kids so we decided to spend the day exploring the Cape May County Park & Zoo.

Let me go back to that “40 years of visiting Cape May” part… in all my 40 years, this was my FIRST trip to the Cape May County Zoo.  It’s a wonderful zoo filled with bison, giraffes, lions, an aviary and reptile house. It’s also free to enter and park (although they do have a donation bin). It was the perfect way to spend a warmer, winter day at the shore without heading to the beach!

Cape May County Zoo

The boys always put the Amphibian and Reptile house on the “must see” list when we visit a zoo.  This one did not disappoint!

We also spend some time in the Aviary but also walking around there were so many different birds to see, such as flamingos and peacocks.  The kids thought this was was trying to eat it’s feathers so we had a little lesson on why birds preen.

BGB  is fascinated with Giraffes.  Maybe obsessed is a better word.  I’m not sure where this love of giraffes came from, but we always have to see them when we visit a zoo!  The baby giraffe on the ground just turned one in December.

Family fun always ends up with the kids in a photo like this 🙂


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