OREO Super Dunk Challenge

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This year, much to our surprise, Cbear decided he wanted to join a recreational basketball league.  He’s one of those kids that needs to keep active, but this time of year has always been our vacation between Fall and Spring sports.  The only “dunking” we have ever attempted in this house has been with OREO cookies in milk! Since this new interest was completely his idea we decided to give it a try!

Of course, he’s never played basketball before. In fact I’m not sure that, at 8 years of age, he has ever even held a basketball.  But, on day one of practice Cbear ran right out on to the court to participate. Most of his teammates have either played on a team before or have watched older siblings play, so they have a one up on Cbear.  With the season nearly finished, Cbear has come a long way! His dribble has gotten better and he’s even made a few baskets in practice.

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We decided that after this week’s basketball game we should hold our own family OREO Dunking Challenge.  The boys love playing four-in-a-row games, so I headed over to our local Redner’s Markets to pick up Double Stuf OREO and Golden OREO cookies as well as some white and chocolate milk.  This family night was going to be all about celebrating Cbear’s great season and bringing back the fun of dunking OREO cookies in milk!

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OREO Four in a Row Game

Step 1: Set up the game. I used a place mat as our “game board” and gathered all of our game materials: milk and OREO cookies.

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Step 2: Distribute Double Stuf OREO cookies to one team and Golden OREO cookies to the other team. Having two different cookie varieties provides an easy visual for spying who gets four in a row. Since we were not eating our game pieces, I set aside a 3 cookie serving of Golden OREO and 2 cookie serving of Double Stuf OREO cookies on a napkin to enjoy when they won a round.

Step 3: Pour some milk for the participants to dunk their OREO cookies. We used a glass of white milk and a glass of chocolate milk.

Now it is time to play!

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We took turns layering OREO cookies side-by-side and one on top of the other until someone scored 4 of the same colors in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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Cbear was so excited to be the winner of the first round… and against DAD!  Plus, he got to dunk first!

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Even though he dunked first, Cbear still shared a bite with Dad. Then it was on to round 2!

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While Cbear works on getting that elusive basketball dunk on the court, I’m happy to stop by Redner’s Markets to pick up OREO cookies and milk so that we never miss a chance to dunk at home.

Check out the OREO Dunking Contest page for more information on how you can join the dunking fun!

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  1. Such a fun game idea – the perfect celebration dunk! #client

  2. Thank you! Everyone had a great time playing and dunking!

  3. Denise Beluscak says:

    I put all my Oreos in a glass of milk like cereal and crush .been doing it for years Love oreos!!!

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