We had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE from Warner Bros. This film opens in theaters on February 10, 2017. All opinions are mine alone.

If you have kids in your house then chances are you have heard about the newest LEGO movie. THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE, to be exact. My boys saw a trailer for this movie about 2 months ago and have been talking about seeing it ever since.

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I was thrilled to surprise them on Saturday morning that we would be headed out to the movies. Cbear excitedly asked if we were seeing THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.  Even BGB, who is a HUGE The LEGO MOVIE fan, wanted to join in the fun of movie-going.

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The boys were thrilled to get a sneak peek of this film, and thought the movie was funny. From the moment the film began, with the production company logos, the movie had us laughing. It was so nice to look across the row of seats and see such huge smiles and belly laughs coming from all three kids. At ages 4, 7 and 8 it can sometimes be difficult to find a movie that reaches all three of them.  The humor in the film spoke to multiple generations. I loved seeing of the old Batman references and video clips interspersed throughout the film.  I love when a movie can reach both young and old alike, and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is definitely one of those films!



The film is directed by Chris McKay, and produced by Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Roy Lee, who worked together on “The LEGO Movie.”  Will Arnett reprises his role as the voice of the self-described star of the first movie, LEGO Batman, aka Bruce Wayne.  Zach Galifianakis (“Muppets Most Wanted,” the “Hangover” films) stars as The Joker; Michael Cera (TV’s “Arrested Development”) as the orphan Dick Grayson/ Robin,  Rosario Dawson (TV’s “Daredevil”) as Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl; and Ralph Fiennes (the “Harry Potter” films) as Alfred.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE unites the LEGO and DC Superhero universes in a new, full-length animated film. This film has humor, heart, action, adventure, superheroes and super-villains guaranteed to appeal to audiences of all ages.

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