A Day at the Zoo

A few weeks ago I asked BGB if she wanted to go to the zoo.  It was supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny, and here in Philadelphia that is something to take advantage of during the month of January!  She was in a “mood” so we bagged the idea for that day.  We were supposed to have another day where the temps would be in the mid-50’s the following week so I figured we could try again soon.

I talked up our girl day adventure to the Philadelphia zoo all week and she was totally on board with our trip this time.  However, this time the forecast changed and the temps were only in the high 40’s.

While it wasn’t the ideal temperature I had been hoping for, we still had a blast! In fact, it seemed like BGB and I had the zoo all to ourselves!

zoo 1

zoo 2

I love this photo of BGB and I in front of the elephants.  Each time we come to the zoo we snap a photo here and I love seeing how they have grown over the years!

zoo 3

Trying to blend in with the meerkats.

zoo 4

zoo 5

Wait! What?  There is a BEAR behind me?

zoo 6

Hanging out with the polar bear.

zoo 7

This was a funny few moments.  BGB was so excited to spot the ice cream stand only to see this particular one was closed for the winter season.  Didn’t stop her from investigating!

zoo 8

zoo 9

BGB’s first ride on the carousel! To say she enjoyed herself would be a HUGE understatement.

zoo 10

It was amazing to watch this beautiful gorilla walk across the grass.  Although we were in for a treat below – he started to walk UPRIGHT! I think he took about 3 or 4 steps standing tall and then went back to all fours. I never saw a gorilla walk in such a way!

zoo 11

My monkey.

zoo 13

This one was for the boys!

zoo 12

As we left the zoo we found one of its inhabitants trying to get a refreshing treat from the vending machine! This had BGB giggling all the way to the car.

zoo 14

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