Comcast and Netflix: Watching TV Just Got Easier

This post is sponsored by Comcast. Watching TV Just Got Easier on the Xfinity X1 platform. All opinions are mine alone.

My time is precious.  I spend most of my day running round to and from drop offs for the kids. Picking up after the kids. Making food for the kids.  Quick planning sessions with my husband on what needs to be done for the kids… You see where this is going, right?  On the off chance that I do get a few moments at night to sit down, I just want to unwind with a quick show that is appropriate for the over 8 crowd.

Last week, Comcast and Netflix announced that Netflix will be fully integrated and available for X1 customers starting this week! I’ve already found the Netflix App on my TV. Watching TV just got easier.

Comcast Netflix Watching TV Just Got Easier

No more lost remotes! 

Fun story on this one… we finished our basement about two years ago and it’s been our family “movie” room ever since.  It’s a great space for watching TV and, since we do not allow the kids to bring toys to the basement, it has also become our parent space when the kids have gone to bed. It’s clean,uncluttered and the perfect place to unwind to watch a show.

Except, when we head down to the basement the “great remote hunt” happens.

My oldest knows how to access Xfinity’s Kid Zone and how to change the TV over to the Netflix Kid dashboard. The downside of being able to rely on him to change the show if I’m not around is that I have no clue where he puts the remote after doing so.  The Xfinity remote is always on the sofa, but the remote used for Netflix?  Who knows where that has wandered to after he is finished with it! We spend a good chunk of our very limited time looking for the remote.

That’s why I love only needing one remote.  Since both boys know how to use the Guide, DVR and On Demand features of our X1 service, adding Netflix to the mix doesn’t even create a learning curve for the family! The kids can launch the Netflix app by simply saying “Netflix” into the X1 voice remote. Comcast and Netflix: Easy peasy!

Comcast Netflix Xfinity X1

Photo Credit: Comcast Xfinity X1

On the first use, I just needed to log into my Netflix account and we were on our way to one remote access to all our favorites. Switching remotes is now a thing of the past! And, if you have an older TV, no more changing out HDMI connections.

Integrated Catalog.

Okay, so obviously remotes are a bit of a touchy issue for me.  But seriously, this idea of one remote living might only be surpassed by having an integrated catalog of shows and movies all in one place. While I may know the difference of what is on Kid Zone vs. DVR vs. Live TV, the kids just see it as access to their favorite shows.

Aren’t we always looking for that catchy tech term – Seamless Integration?

With the integration of the Netflix catalog on X1, I save time search for which shows I want to see.  No worries of switching back and forth between platforms to find the perfect movie.  It’s all in one place and easily searchable. Plus, remember how excited I was about the voice command feature of the X1 remote for the summer games a few months ago?  I can search for a show or movie by speaking the title or actor’s name, and X1 will search both my movies packages and Netflix at the same time!

streaming Xfinity Netflix Comcast

Photo Credit: Comcast Xfinity X1

Intuitive by Design.

My husband and I have our hands full with three kids.  Quality time together, sans les bébés, can sometimes be difficult to come by.  And, since most of my TV viewing is done with the kids I have a limited knowledge of what shows or movies to watch next (case in point: we just started Games of Thrones this year). Since we’re not super up-to-date on what to watch next, and since spending a half hour browsing what is available seems like a tremendous waste of time, I am looking forward to the intuitive feature of X1 that will suggest shows that might be of interest to us based upon our preferences. This will definitely help us narrow down the choices of what to watch!

Watching TV just got easier Xfinity Comcast X1 Netflix

As I said, my time is precious and it’s a resource that I do not allocate enough of for myself.  Having the Netflix catalog available on X1 and being able to search for all the shows and movies I enjoy in one place is perfect for busy parents!

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