Watching the Summer Games on Xfinity X1

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Call me crazy, but I get excited when the calendar year is even number.  It just makes me so happy to see the world come together for a few short weeks to celebrate amazing sports and athletes. My excitement is usually higher for the summer games than winter, but that’s because my favorite sport is highlighted: gymnastics.

Back in the day, in the thick of my own gymnastic competition, I remember being glued to the TV in our family room.  I would stay up late and watch as gymnasts twirled and twisted, dreaming that I would be one of those athletes one day.  I also remember being disappointed if the events aired too late or too early for me to watch. At best, I might catch a clip of something I missed on the nightly news. As a pre-teen I could use the VCR to record a grainy tape of an event to watch later. The 80’s weren’t that long ago, but they sound like the dark ages compared to the digital world we live in today!

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Recently, I attended an event hosted by Xfinity by Comcast that introduced me to new ways to watch my favorite sporting events.  I was amazed to learn that the programming for the summer games in Rio this year will be the most live ever. Women’s soccer kicks off the games on August 3rd, with the official opening ceremony on August 5th, and run through August 21st. If you ran all 6,755 hours of NBC’s coverage, it would take 281 days to finish airing! Unlike my childhood self, I’m pretty sure I won’t be complaining about missing my favorite events with this amazing access!

For those who have a favorite sport or like to watch on a particular screen, this nearly 7,000-hour smorgasbord of sports excellence has you covered. — Jim Bell, Executive Producer, NBC Olympics

We already have the Xfinity X1 service, but I learned about a few features of our service that were new to me and will certainly come in handy this August.

Xfinity X1 Sports App

I’ve noticed the Apps section on the menu for my X1 service, but I never really ventured over there. I really wish I had done so sooner as it adds an amazing element to my Xfinity experience. You can either use the guide to open the Apps section on the menu while still watching TV or press the C key on the  remote to open the Sports App. So, why is this app so cool?

Medal Counts and Results

The Xfinity X1 Sports App allows you to search for the latest awards and nation medal counts.  I’m a bit competitive, so I’m always interested in where the USA stands. You can also view live results, scores and statistics for all events in real time!

Integrated Browsing

There is no need to switch from TV to tablet/laptop/phone to watch streaming content any longer. With integrated browsing you can toggle between what is airing now and online streaming programming schedules. The access to content with this feature opens up so many options and viewing abilities.

Xfinity X1 Rio Hub Page

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Get Notified

With the X1 Sports App I can receive real time notifications for the events I don’t want to miss, such as my swimming, diving or beloved gymnastics!

Video provided by Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity X1 Highlights

We’ve been Xfinity by Comcast customers for a few years now, so I thought I knew it all about the service we are provided.  Of course, they are always introducing new features and these pearls peeked my interest:

With X1, I can tag my favorite athletes, teams and nations for quick and easy access to content.

We’ve used the X1 Voice Search feature before, but I hadn’t realized the breadth of it’s use. We typically used it when I forget what channel a favorite cartoon is on for the kids. With the X1 remote, you can easily search for your favorite athlete or sporting event. Since I’m waiting for Oksana Chusovitina to make history, appearing in her 7th games as the oldest gymnast to compete, I just need to say her name and view the feed about Oksana!

I will never miss an event or major moment with Xfinity X1. The “Primetime On Demand” feature provides access to every primetime show the following day.

If you’re an Xfinity subscriber and do not have the X1 platform yet, you can upgrade for free at anytime! Just call Comcast to request the upgrade at no charge and with no change in your monthly fees. Access to all of these great features are included, plus so much more!

Are you looking forward to watching the summer games

What sport are you looking forward to watching?

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