Babyganics: Baby-safe Products

I received a sampling of Babyganics products in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to protect them from themselves.  At first, you look for baby safe products for them, such as shampoos and detergents.  But as they grow older, they start to explore which opens their world to amazing, new opportunities – and germs.

Babyganics Baby Kid Safe Products

I remember different hurdles with each child.  Cbear never really crawled. No, he was content to just drag his little body around on the floor army crawl style.  The dirt on that boys outfits…sheesh! With Bbear, he was my explorer in other, slightly more mischievous ways.  We’re talking using a pen on the sofa, or wiping food in his hair. And BGB? Well, little miss definitely believes she can do everything her big brothers can do which means lots of spills. She has recently discovered a fascination with putting her sippy cup straws in not-so-clean places, and then handing them to me. Ick.

So…what’s a mom to do?  What mom always does… be prepared.

Just last week I had to take all three kids to the doctor’s office because we suspected BGB had an ear infection.  And then just this week we were off to Urgent Care because my back was acting up again. After visits like those, I often turn to hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes as soon as we get in the car.

Babyganics hand wipes

And these wipes are perfect for toys at home, too! You know, for those times they somehow end up in the powder room toilet. Or is that just something that happens here?

Babyganics toy table highchair wipes

We started baseball last week and that means lots of dirt, sand and grime are coming home after each game

Babyganics Alcohol Free hand sanitizer

Not to mention, the after game snacks that are consumed with dirty hands.  Having a kid-safe sanitizer in my bag keeps me confident that they can safely eat their snacks after the game.

After a hard day of school and play, a bath is definitely in order.

Babyganics bubble bath shampoo

The Babyganics product line also includes a foaming dish and bottle soap. Our dishwasher died on us about 6 weeks ago. Of course the model I wanted the store did not have in stock so we had to order.  And it came damaged, so we had to wait for a new order. Which also came damaged.  Then, after 6 weeks of washing dishes… the new (and not damaged) dishwasher arrived! While I am not a fan of washing dishes for a family of 5, I was so happy to see that Babyganics has a dish and bottle soap line and I happily used that to wash our dishes!

Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap

I was so happy when Babyganics reached out to me and asked if I would check out some of their products.  I thought for sure it would be something along the lines of baby wipes or shampoos, but I discovered how varied and broad their product line up is I was pleasantly surprised!  Babyganics products are perfect for my toddler, preschooler and 1st grader (and me, too)!

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