Nuby Hangers for Children’s Clothes

As a Nuby Parent Blogger, I received the Nuby Hangers set for review.

Nuby kids hangers

I feel as though I’m in a never-ending battle with laundry.  The best I hope for is getting the clothes cleaned, dried and then hopefully folded and in a basket.  Somehow my day starts to fly by and the clothes end up staying in the basket.  With the boys, that wasn’t too much of an issue – their clothes tend to consist of sweat pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Since BGB came around, I’ve been trying my hardest to get all the clothes properly put away so that 1) we aren’t living out of a basket until next laundry day and 2) the clothes are put away properly, and for the older two where the kids can reach them to dress themselves without my help.

This requires a bit of effort on my part. First, I started to wash clothes in groups – kids all get washed at one point in the week and parents during a different time.  This allows me to get the kids clothing washed, dried and then folded or hung while the older two are at school.  This also helps me not have to sneak into their rooms in the dark while they are sleeping to put items away, praying I don’t make a floor board squeak because of a misstep! So far, this has been a great way to get the clothes in order and away.

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My next issue was that sometimes the hangers aren’t exactly what I need for little clothes.  Cbear is nearing the age where his clothes fit fairly well on adult hangers, but for Bbear and BGB, those big hangers just won’t work.  For Bbear, he’s always frustrated trying to get his clothes off a big hanger.  In fact, this usually results in him stretching out the neck of his shirts to the point that they are bordering on ridiculous to wear.  Or, he tries to pull the shirt off the hanger while it is still on the hanger.  This typically ends up with a hanger in pieces.  Also not a great solution.

I realized long ago that having the proper tools makes things so much easier.  Why I didn’t realize that about kids clothing and hangers sooner is beyond me! What I love about the Nuby hangers is that they have a more rugged plastic than other hangers we have tried. They also have a great curve to them for kids clothes and are ideal for those thin-strapped dresses that look so adorable ON BGB (not on the floor of the closet)!

Kid hangers Nugy #ad

Now, the boys are able to get their clothes out of their closets on their own and those cute outfits of BGB’s aren’t sliding off the hangers in the closest! Perfect!

About the Nuby Hangers

Adult hangers are usually too large for many of your baby’s or small child’s clothes. Nuby hangers are sized just right to fit those smaller garments without damaging their fabrics.

About Nuby

At Nuby™ we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends and continual product development help us bring parents everything they need for their baby’s development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest and most simple choices for you and your baby.

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You can find the Nuby Hangers at these retailers: and Meijer

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