The Holidays Are Calling

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I love Christmastime. My favorite part of the holiday are the family gatherings. I remember the second best part of Christmas morning as a kid, after opening and playing with our toys, was heading over to my grandparents home to play with my cousins. That is a memory that stands out to me and I cherish. We were closer geographically then but with today’s technology and social media, we are still close even though we are spread out across the country. There is a family bond that keeps us connected, and one we work to keep all year long.

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Preparing for Christmas

I live by our calendar. Thank goodness we have a shared calendar that we access on our phones so that we know what  to do when, otherwise I doubt we would be ready for this Christmas until the kids are in their 20’s! Having the calendar available on my phone, and always up-to-date, makes life so much easier, especially during the holidays.

These days, my little family of 5 seems to play divide and conquer to get our Christmas preparations in order.  I’ll take BGB with me on an errand while the boys head out with Daddy to run a different errand. I’m always wondering where the boys are, or how much longer until they come home.

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Staying connected is easy to do these days. Whenever I go anywhere I can send a quick text to say I have arrived.  With a crazy schedule, and wrestling at least one of three kids at any given moment, a quick text is about all I have time to send.  However, there are also some perks to the amazing technological advances we have now, and with the holidays approaching I’ll be using my Walmart Family Mobile plan to do more than stay in touch.  For example, we recently started using a GPS tracking app that allows us to plot a driving route and privately share it with another user.  It’s great to be able to see the estimated arrival time as well as the exact location of my loved ones.

Shared GPS Drive Walmart Family Mobile

Just last week the boys all made a trip to see my parents to help them move some furniture.  The drive isn’t too long, about 45 minutes, but I love that technology allows me to see where they in the course of their travels. Even better, with my unlimited data plan I don’t have to worry about going over my data usage in case they get stuck in traffic!

Christmas Morning

In recent years, we would have a full house on Christmas morning.  My in-laws stay the night with us and are there for when the kids opened their gifts.  We’d video chat my brother and parents, who arrive later in the day,  into the mix so that they could watch them on Christmas morning as well. We always used a laptop to accomplish this, and it was hard to maneuver around the kids, paper and toys holding that laptop.  Now that we have unlimited data plans through Walmart Family Mobile on our phones, I can use my Samsung Galaxy 4 to easily move about on Christmas morning, connecting with family that are not with us by using video chats and sharing the fun and wonder of three kids ages 6 and under experiencing the magic of the morning.

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Family Gatherings Go Social

My extended family is quite large.  One of my aunts recently did a headcount, and including the spouses of the grandchildren and great grandchildren, my side alone now stands at 49. Forty-nine!  We definitely outgrew my grandmother’s house for Christmas morning gatherings, but we stay connected via social media and our annual Christmas gathering at a local restaurant.  I wonder if all the great-grandsons will be dressed in argyle again this year.

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If you hadn’t guessed, my phone is a lifeline for me to stay in touch with family. From sharing fun Christmas morning video chats to real time GPS tracking to uploading pictures of a crying BGB visiting yet another Santa, my phone connects me to my family. Oh, and stay tuned on Instagram because we’re visiting Santa again this weekend.  Below is BGB’s escape attept #2 from last weekend, you don’t want to miss escape attempt #3!

Walmart Family Mobile Galaxy S4#ad #HolidaysAreCallingLooking for ways to stay connected with your family?  Walmart has some great rollback deals on Walmart Family Mobile phones, including:

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And the deals don’t stop there.  With my Walmart Family Mobile plan, I’m paying $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web ($29.88 for the second line) and it comes with 5GB of 3G Data. This higher speed bucket allows you to do even more with your plan, like upload more pictures of Santa and a crying toddler like I do.  Also, there is a $40 Walmart Gift Card promotion with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Avant, 12/14-12/27.


 I’ve shared some of my favorite ways to stay in touch with family over the holidays, how do you stay connected with your loved ones?

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  1. I like that Walmart Family Mobile is so affordable. Those rollback phones sound like a deal.

  2. The affordability is crazy awesome! I wish my mom had WFM before she had passed. Back in 2004-2006, she was sick from lung cancer and we had pay-by-the-minutes phones and you know… we couldn’t talk as much as we wanted and long distance on land lines was expensive!

    Now, we can all stay connected because it’s inexpensive and unlimited talk, text and data! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Wow, that is a big family! I love that with WFM I don’t have to worry about going over any kind of limits either. Keeping in touch is so important, it would be such a shame to cut it short for worry of “going over”.

  4. That GPS route map sounds really neat! I think I might need to download that when our daughter starts driving next year 🙂 Since all our family lives in Canada we rely on our WFM plan a lot to stay connected to them, between Skype and Facebook, the unlimited data plan is a lifesaver 🙂

  5. I’m going to have to check out shared drive, it sounds awesome! I love being able to connect with family at any given moment and the affordable unlimited plan that Walmart Family Mobile offers. Don’t you just love modern technology!

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