DIY Kid-Designed Ornaments

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It’s Christmastime again, a time when we deck the halls and decorate the tree. One of my most favorite things is seeing all the fun ornaments the kids make at school hang on our tree.  I even enjoy seeing the ones that I made 30+ years ago hanging on the tree at my parents’ home. There is just something about being creative and then hanging those creations on the tree proudly that makes me smile.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car #ad

We recently received the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection which the boys love.  They get to color all the sides of a vehicle, then we scan into the Crayola app and bring bring those creations to life on a virtual track.  Fun, right?  This totally blends the boys’ two favorite things: coloring and using my phone to play games. Below is Bbear’s creation, brought to life on my phone. Thank goodness he isn’t driving a real car yet – he crashed more times than I could count!

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car App #ad

Since Christmas is just next week, I wanted to do a fun craft with our creations. My friend Steph has a great tutorial about how to transfer photos to a Christmas ornament.  I had never heard of this concept before, but she made it look so easy I thought this would make a great addition to our tree.  But, to make this a fun, kid-friendly ornament, I put my boys to work. We used our Crayola Virtual Design kit and created a fun car, or hot rod as the boys call them, to be our ornament.   Oh yes, this year we are immortalizing their vehicle creations on our tree.


  • Photo
  • Ceramic Ornament
  • Glue
  • Gel Medium
  • Clear Acrylic Spray (I used Krylon)
  • Foam Brushes
  • Label Sheets

DIY Kids Design Ornament #ad


Step 1:  The boys and I colored our own virtual cars to our creative hearts content. I then took a photo of the creations with my phone to resize and print out later.


Step 2: Take your label sheet and remove all the labels from the sheet

Step 3: Spray the label page (where the labels used to be) with the clear acrylic spray.  Let this thoroughly dry.  I had not idea how long this would take, so I just let it dry overnight.

Step 4: Take a sponge or sponge brush and apply a light coat of glue to the page.  Again, allow to thoroughly dry. I left it to dry overnight since I didn’t want the kids touching it.

DIY Kids Design Pro Car Ornament #ad

Step 5: Resize your photo to fit your ornament.

Step 6: Print your photo on the same side you painted the glue.  This will end up being a mirror image, so make sure you flip the image if you need to prior to printing. Do not touch the image after printing as it will smear.  Once again, allowing to thoroughly dry is key.

Step 7: Once the printout is dry, cut your image from the paper.

2014-12-19 13.03.40

Step 8: Next use a sponge to apply a thin coat of gel medium to your ornament.  Now place your photo on the ornament while the gel is still well and press firmly, smoothing out any air bubbles.

Step 9: Allow the photo to completely dry on the ornament.  I let mine go overnight, but it probably didn’t need that long.  Peel away the paper from the ornament.

Ornament Crayola Design Pro #ad

Step 10: Spray some acrylic spray on the ornament and hang it on your tree for all to see!

Win it!

Want to win a Crayola Design Pro?  The folks at Crayola were kind enough to allow me to host a giveaway on my blog!  Two lucky readers will win their very own Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car  Collection edition and One Grand Prize winner will receive the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car  Collection PLUS a $50 Gift Card!


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  1. Justin Carbonara says:

    who doesn’t love Crayola! We love the colorless markers–no mess! & of course the ever popular crayons–even me. 😉

  2. We love Crayola!!!

  3. Anything from the Doodle Magic line is a winner in our house!

  4. Nothing better than a fresh pack of crayones!

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