Busy Time of Year

It’s that busy time of year.  The time when I’m excitedly counting down the days until Christmas with the kids but also wishing I had just another week to get all the holiday activities and decorations done. I feel like we launched directly from BGB’s birthday into Thanksgiving with such a frenzy.  Not to mention I was sick the week in between those events (I am so thankful for cough medicine with codeine!). But, it’s all fun and I thought I would share some of the highlights from the past several days.

Bbear has his allergist appointment to follow up on his peanut and egg allergies.  Of course, I had been putting off his blood draw since I was given the paperwork at his Spring visit. Not letting on what we were doing, he unknowingly went into the room where I had to hold him down for them to do the draw. Of course, lots of guilt here so… a new LEGO was purchased and that seemed to make all right in B’s world again!

Star Wars LEGOS

We also discovered that BGB loves to color. She will sit for nearly an hour and color if you let her.  Not only that, but she wants all the crayons, don’t try to hand over just one or two! Oh, and she’s doing this all left-handed. Every time.


I have mentioned that we hosted Thanksgiving.  Later in the evening, after nearly all our company had gone, we found the boys sitting together playing with my phone.  There is a LEGO (of course) building game that they enjoy and they were taking turns playing as well as cheering each other on. After we were finished being astounded at how nicely they were treating each other, which took a good 5 minutes at least, we managed to snap a photo to document it as we’re certain this was a rare event.

Playing Together

Of course, shortly after that delightful scene, Bbear decided he would make silly faces and dance around wearing one of BGB’s bows. This one is going to be trouble, and the life of the party too.

Here Comes Trouble

The day before Thanksgiving, we had about 4 or 5 inches of snow.  The first snow of the season, so of course the boys were outside enjoying it.  Bear had to come inside for a little bit because his ears were turning bright red.  He was devestated because he didn’t get to build his snowman yet and Cbear and Daddy came in for the night. So Daddy, and Uncle M, went outside in the dark with Bbear to “help” him build his snowman. Just a few days later, and in 60+ degree weather, this was all that was left of the beloved snowman.

Melting Snowman

I had put the Christmas lights up a few days before the snow hit when it was 70 degrees out, only to plug them in today and discover one bush was not lighting up. Turns out, something ATE through the wire! We’re going to have to replace that and hopefully it doesn’t happen again! YIKES!

Christmas Lights

Rounding off our busy week celebrating Daddy’s 41st birthday. Since Cbear was at school and BGB was sleeping, Bbear helped bake Daddy a cake.  He love helping in the kitchen. And pretending to take his temperature while doing so.

Baking at home

His heart is so kind. He decided we needed to do more than just add frosting to Daddy’s cake.  Bbear offered M&M’s from his Halloween stash to add help make Daddy’s cake special.

bday 41

And then all the boys helped him blow out the candles while BGB patiently waited for her cake in the background. Perfect!

41 bday

It’s been a great, busy week so far!  How about you?


  1. You have the most adorable family, and ugh.. the allergies. I feel your pain, and I hope he outgrows them at some point! We had a tiny bit of snow, as well, and my kids made a snow fort and were SO mad when it melted. Me? I’m happy to have the “warmer” weather 😉

  2. Right there with you, Michelle! Give me warmer weather any day! Thank you…. I’m hoping he outgrows his allergies too. We’re working on the egg one, but I have a feeling given family history that the peanut allergy is here to stay!

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