Walmart Best Plans: Thankful for Family

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Walmart Best Plans unlimited data ad #Thankful4SavingAhhh, November.  The month that we take a moment to really recognized everything that we are thankful for in our lives. This month, we have two reasons for our family to gather together.  We start off with BGB’s all things Minnie Mouse birthday party, and then happily get to see each other again for Thanksgiving just one week later.  Two great, family-filled days where we can and enjoy each others’ company. There are family members that are unable to be with us, and so having Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web is definitely a way to help us share these precious moments together even though we live thousands of miles away.

Walmart Family Mobile ad #Thankful4Saving

I’m the first to admit getting me to answer a phone call is about as easy as solving world hunger, but my family knows that if they need me they can always reach me by email, text, or a GChat message. Actually, I’m on Gchat all day long, which means I need internet access All.Day.Long. It’s that always available internet access that is the big reason I loved upgrading my phone to the Samsung Galaxy 4 and using the Walmart Family Mobile plan, as both allow me to have the wifi access I need to stay in touch wherever I go.

Connecting with Family Far Away

Having instant access to friends and family is a must for me.  One of the biggest ways this has come in handy is by sharing fun photos in-the-moment, such as yesterday’s trek to see Santa at the mall. (Side not: No lines yesterday so I think we’ll make going to visit the man in red early Thanksgiving week our new tradition!)

Walmart Best Plans Family Santa ad #Thankful4Saving

That’s a memory maker right there!  I immediately shared that precious sight on Instagram while we waited for our prints to dry.

I also captured these “just right” photos of the boys playing in the leaves with Daddy.


Just this week we used my phone to connect with my brother, who lives in L.A. by video chatting.  The boys love when they can actually see to whom they are speaking, and now think the photo next to the caller ID means it is a video call!

Unlimited Talk Text and Data #Thankful4Savings ad

Given the distance, it’s so nice to see my brother whenever I want. Especially when the boys wanted to let him know they just heard thundersnow!

Unlimited Web Best Walmart Plans #Thankful4Saving ad

Staying Organized

With the holidays approaching, my inner list maker is in full gear. I think I may have always been a list maker, but it became a necessity after starting our family.  I still sometimes wander back to pen and paper, but it is so nice to have all my lists on my phone. I use the built in app on the Samsung called S Memo, and it helps me not get distracted (or forgetful) while shopping.  I’ve been using it to prepare for our Thanksgiving meal, but also have begun using it whenever one of the boys suggests there is a toy they hope Santa will bring them.  The best part is that I’m never more than an arms length from my phone, so I can not only take the notes, but send the suggestions to family looking for gift wish lists for the kids!

Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #Thankful4Savings ad

Looking for a new, won’t-break-the-bank phone for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Check out Walmart Best Plans and these great Walmart Family Mobile phone deals on Holiday rollback at Walmart beginning 11/16! You can enjoy Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web for only $34.88/month ($29.88 for the second line).

ZTE ZMAX – $179.88 (was $199.88)
Alcatel Evolve 2 – $49.88 (was $59.88)
Samsung Exhibit – $79.88 (was $99.88)
Nokia Lumia 635 – $99.88 (was $129.88)
And the new Samsung Galaxy Avant – $199.88

Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plans ad #Thankful4Savings

How will you stay in touch with loved ones on Thanksgiving?
Do you get to see all your loved ones in person, or do you video call to share the day with someone far away?


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