BGB Turns TWO!

BGB is getting to be such the big girl these days.  Just over a week ago, she turned 2. TWO! For the first time in 6 years, I cannot accurately describe myself as having a “baby” at home any longer. Of course, she’ll always be the baby, but she is owning the whole toddler stage right now.

It’s also amazing to see the differences between BGB and her brothers.  I tend to lump the boys into one bucket because, let’s face it, it was all a blur since they were so close in age. I don’t know if some of the differences are because BGB is a girl, or the 3rd child or just that I was due to have a more cooperative kiddo, but whatever the case, the differences are definitely noticeable. At least to me.

BGB, was the biggest of all my babies weighing in at 9lbs 10oz.  This is especially eye-widening when you consider Cbear was barely 6 lbs when we left the hospital! She’s always had a healthy appetite and is still hovering around that 85-90th percentile.  Speaking of healthy appetite, she loves to eat just about anything.  Well, she won’t touch meatloaf, but given she’ll eat just about anything else I’m cool with that choice!

She’s a talker, that BGB. I remember with the boys I was so concerned because neither of them spoke more than a Mama or Dada type world.  I bet BGB has a good 40+ word bank that she draws upon to communicate. In fact, I realized that she already counts to 3! And, she says full sentences too, such as “There it is”.  We definitely need to watch what we say with this one!

I hope that BGB will always be a happy girl.  She’s just as interested in bangle bracelets and shoes as she is in soccer balls and dump trucks.  That’s the perfect little girl, if you ask me 🙂

Daddy bringing her her birthday balloons at breakfast.

BGB 2 a

Helping put puzzle pieces away for 6 puzzles. All in one box.

BGB 2 c

Trying on Great Nana’s bangle bracelets.  It’s their “thing”.

BGB 2 b

Checking out her birthday cake.

BGB 2 d

Her big brothers bough her a Mickey Mouse to go along with the Minnie Mouse she sleeps with. She loved it!

BGB 2 e

This was present number 3 I think… she finally figured out the concept of unwrapping.

BGB 2 f

Captivating her audience.

bgb 2 g

Time to put the bracelets on Grandpop!

BGB 2 h

Playing with Uncle M!

bgb 2 i

Of course, with all the action I just discovered that there is not one photo of BGB and I together on this day.  I’m rather sad about that. We’ll just have to make up for that with more photos together throughout the year!

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