Dress Up Your Chick-fil-A Nuggets

As a #ChickFilAMoms panel member, I was invited to post in exchange for a Chick-fil-A prize pack.  All opinions are my own.
#ChickFilAMoms Leftover Nuggets

My kids eyes are bigger than their bellies.  It never fails that we head off to Chick-fil-A and when I ask if they want the 4 or 6 pack kids meal they all clamor for the 6 pack. Most days we have just a nugget or two leftover among the three of them.  In those instances I take one for the team and gobble it up before we leave.

Something was off with Bbear when we visited last week. He only ate 2 of the 6 nuggets and then BGB didn’t finish all of hers either. It happens. Rather than eating them myself after having a full meal, I opted to pack them up and bring them home.  My kids aren’t the best when it comes to leftovers, but I knew these nuggets would be a great little snack for me on one of my late work nights.

And I was oh-so-right!

But… I decided I would Dress Up My Nuggets a bit. I didn’t feel like my usual nuggets and honey mustard. Oh no. We had just had a pasta night and I had leftover sauce so I had the great idea to create Chicken Parm bites. They are the perfect-sized appetizer or late night snack, and so simple to make!

Dress Up Your Chick fil A nuggets #ChickFilAMoms

Grab any leftover red sauce you may have, and some shredded cheese. I didn’t have any Parmesan so my “parm” was shredded mozzarella. I warmed up the sauce a little, as well as the nuggets, then I assembled each nugget with my desired amount of sauce and cheese.  I placed them in the microwave at about 70% power for about 15 seconds and the result was a delicious treat for Mom! Yum!

Chicken parmesan bites #ChickFilAMoms

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