Halloween 2014

So… Halloween happened and it feels like it went by in a flash, like most other things in life these days.  It was a busy day too.  We had Bbear’s school Halloween show + parade in the morning, then Cbear’s parade + party in the afternoon. I was lucky enough to have my Mom come sit with BGB and Bbear so that I was able to be the classroom helper for Cbear. It was so nice to get in his classroom with him, see his friends and just say hello to his teacher.  And, he was thrilled.  Of course, out of 9 girls, 7 were Elsa. Oddly, I do not think I saw 7 Elsa’s during Trick-or-Treating. Guess I got my required fill in earlier that day!

The usual rush to get everyone out the door and Trick-or-Treating didn’t seem so, well, rushed this year.  Maybe we had easier costumes, or maybe it’s just the kids are older, or it could have been the fact that we did leftovers for dinner and there was no mess to clean up. I’m not sure … but I hope it repeats again next year!

We all left the house at 6pm, and then met up with friends and took the required photos. The girls headed back after an hour. I think BGB hit a wall after the 20th house or so. The boys… well, they made TWO pitstops at the house to dump their candy and head back out for more.  They were out for a good 2 1/2 hours. I honestly do not know how we are going to go through this candy. I’m hoping maybe I can bake with some of it, and then also we’ll freeze some. We have about 4 full pumpkins worth of candy. Don’t be surprised if you get candy stocking stuffers from us this Christmas!

So, here are a few photos from the evening.  It was so hard to get a focused photo of the kids – they were too excited to stay put for very long!

Bumblebee and Thor ready to hit the streets!

Thor and Bumblebee

Minnie Mouse – not too sure what was going on!

Minnie Mouse Halloween

What’s with this Trick-or-Treat stuff? Can’t I just sit next to the pumpkin?

pumpkin and minnie

Family on the move!

halloween night

She was not behind for long!  Little girl was on the move and keeping up with the big kids!

Trick or Treat

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