Minnie Mouse Costume and Halloween Ideas

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Poor BGB.  With two older brothers, she often finds herself running from one of their activities to the next.  Most of the toys in our house are hand-me-downs from the boys, too.  There is one thing that is all hers though: Disney Junior.

And boy does BGB loooove Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse Disney Jr

The very first “lovey” that BGB really took to was her Minnie Mouse doll.  She sleeps with that doll for naps and nighttime.  Minnie Mouse definitely comforts her and it’s great to watch that bond. Of all the “Clubhouse” friends, Minnie is hands down her favorite.

Disney Junior Halloween Ideas

I’m not the best when it comes to ensuring that the kids each have a Halloween costume purchased ahead of time.  In fact, last year I was scrambling to find something for Cbear the day before Halloween and Bbear and BGB wore hand-me-downs! This year I promised myself things would be different. I also decided that this year I was going to have some pretend play fun with BGB before Halloween.  Why buy the costume and only break it out for trick-or-treating, right?

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I dropped the boys off at school and headed out shopping with BGB in search of her Halloween costume.  It was at Walmart that I realized I was really looking for something in addition to a kids Halloween costume.  There were so many Halloween ideas there that I realized I could plan a fun Minnie Mouse-themed day for BGB.  Ideas were running through my head so quickly: a Minnie apron, unique meal with Minnie Mouse plates, a special toy and, of course, her costume!

Mommy’s Craft Project: Minnie Mouse Apron

I love when I can get the kids cooking in the kitchen, so for our day of fun I decided BGB would help me make pancakes.  Having kids help in the kitchen can be messy, so I looked for fabric to make BGB her own apron. I found some red fabric with white polka dots which I thought was close enough to Minnie’s pink polka dotted dress. Add some ribbon and, Voila!, a Minnie Mouse apron! I was going to hand sew this easy apron but since we were visiting my mother-in-law last weekend (hi!) who has a sewing machine I cut the fabric and then she sewed the apron for me! You can see the details on how to make your own at the end of this post.  I love how it came out!

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Mommy and Me Time in the Kitchen

As soon a BGB saw the apron she wanted it ON! She was so happy to be standing on the chair at our kitchen island mixing up the pancake batter.  I had another trick up my sleeve: pink pancakes in the form of Minnie’s head courtesy of a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter!  After we poured our ingredients into the bowl, I added a few drops of red food coloring to make the pancake mix pink and cooked as usual.

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Minnie Mouse pink pancakes

I then opened some of the American Greetings paper products I had purchased so BGB could have a full Minnie Mouse place setting, and a fun back drop for our pretend play later on.

Minnie Mouse Halloween Party Ideas #juniorcelebrates #shop

She thought the Minnie Mouse pink pancakes were such fun, she ate 4 of them!

Disney Junior Halloween Party Ideas #JuniorCelebrates #shop

Minnie Mouse Costume Fun

The real magic happened when went downstairs to our newly finished basement.  The kids love it there because we have yet to furnish it so it’s a wide-open space. While BGB was eating, I set up a fun Minnie Mouse bow-tique poster on the wall.  I got BGB dressed and downstairs we went.  She would not let go of her Minnie Mouse toy so she came along for our playtime too!Minnie Mouse Costume #JuniorCelebrates #shop

BGB spotted Figaro right away!  I think she was trying to pet him.Minnie Mouse kids halloween costume #JuniorCelebrates #shop

Of course, all this play is a little tiring.  Sometimes you just need to take a break!Halloween Costume #JuniorCelebrates #shop

Later that afternoon we headed downstairs again.  This time BGB even let me put the Minnie Mouse ears headband on!

Disney Junior Party Supplies #JuniorCelebrates #shop

We has such a fun day today, but I can’t wait for BGB to really experience Halloween this year! If you’re headed to Walmart in search of Minnie Mouse, Sofia the First or Doc McStuffins costumes, check out the in-store display from October 4th – 18th!  I found BGB’s Minnie Mouse costume in the toy aisle.

Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Apron

1. Cut (1) fabric piece approx. 14 inches x 17 inches.  Hem all 4 sides to prevent fraying. Set aside.

2. Cut (1) fabric piece approx. 8 inches x 9 inches.  Hem all 4 sides to prevent fraying. Set aside.

Kids Halloween costumes #JuniorCelebrates #shop

3. Cut (2) smaller fabric pieces 15 inches x 2 inches for the neck tie. Fold in half, lengthwise, so that the inside fabric is seen. Sew one short side and the long side. You’ll now need to feed the fabric through the open end so that the more vibrant print is showing.  Thanks to my mother-in-law’s suggestion, I used a kitchen spoon handle to help push the fabric through and significantly sped up that process!

4. Sew top fabric to bottom. Sew neck tie to the top sides of the apron.  Finally, sew the ribbon around the waist of the apron.  I wanted the ribbon to make a large bow, so mine is about 50 inches long.

Minnie Mouse Disney Junior Halloween #JuniorCelebrates #shop

Who is dressing up for Halloween at your house? Do they have their costumes picked out?


  1. That apron is adorable!

  2. Thanks Steph! It was so easy to make! She loved dressing up to be a kitchen helper and then dressing up as Minnie Mouse! I definitely have a little one that loves her dress up playtime!

  3. That apron is super cute!

  4. Thanks Heather! She loves it!

  5. She looks adorable.

  6. So adorable! Love the apron.

  7. What a fun Mother and Daughter day! Love the apron you created and the special memories you made along with those adorable pink Minnie Mouse pancakes. #client

  8. Thank you Jennifer!

  9. Thanks Cristy! We had such a fun day!

  10. Thanks, Andrea! It’s really nice to have these moments with her, especially since she is baby #3! So much fun!

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