Our Super Busy Fall… so far!

Things have been a bit crazy here (when are they not?) since school and soccer started! I feel like we are getting into a routine, but not quite the routine that we should have.  We’re usually so rushed in the morning and I really need that to change.  The problem is I do not want to wake the boys earlier than 7 because they are in such desperate need of sleep, even more than usual. So we wake up , we rush around to get dressed and then I have to wait for C to eat which typically takes forever! I need to find a way to speed his eating process up.  A small bowl of cereal can take him a good 45 minutes to eat! Sigh.

But, like I said, we’ve been busy and it’s not going to slow down.  Just when I think we’ve figured out our schedule with soccer practice (Cbear) and games on Saturday (Bbear) and Sundays( Cbear), we through another activity into the mix.  Well, not so much an activity but a program – P.R.E.P. It may be another month before I recuperate from adding this to our weeknight schedule!

Since I have been pretty quite here, I thought I’d do a picture post from my Instagram feed.  If you aren’t following me there, you totally should… I love snapping shots as we go about our day!

Lots of Soccer

Silliness as we walk to school

First day of PreK 4’s

Lots of basement construction

Bug watching

And my first haircut since June 2013! 6 inches chopped off!

And here’s a family selfie from the end of our trip to Cape May — just because I loved it so much!

Family Selfie

That pretty much sums up our last few weeks. Stay tuned because I have an easy quesadilla recipe on the way, some fun consignment sale selling and shopping and more!


  1. This fall is kicking my butt too—and it just started! I can’t believe you went that long without a haircut!

  2. I blame this whole 1st grade thing 🙂

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