The Places We Go With our GB Zuzu

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for GB. I received a gift card to purchase a GB stroller to both facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation. #MC #GBThatsMe

Umbrella Stroller GB Zuzu #MC #GBThatsMe

We are always on the move these days.  From hitting the beach, to the park, to the aquarium and soccer practice, seems like we are busy busy busy! It’s great to get out and about, but having the right “wheels” is imperative for a family with young children.  I love finding a good stroller (I’ve gone through 6 in 6 years!) so I was excited to be given the chance to test ride the GB Zuzu stroller.

I was able to purchase the GB Zuzu stroller easily online at Babies R Us and it arrived at my house in just a few days! Of course we were on vacation, so I had to wait to open the amazingly small box.  I thought for sure I would have a ton of work to put the stroller together, but nope! Another surprise was that it took less than 5 minutes to read the directions and get the stroller in working order! Easy peasy!

GB Zuzu premium Stroller #MC #GBThatsMe


I typically toggle between my jogging stroller and my 6 year old umbrella stroller. I’ve grown accustomed to the differences between the two, which is what makes the smooth ride of the GB Zuzu stroller so delightfully surprising.  The handle grips are so comfortable and easy to hold.  I really love the shape of the handle too and feel like it is easier to maneuver than most other stroller handles.

Comfortable Grip #MC #GBThatsMe

This stroller has been so easy to use for those quick trips into a store.  I love that it easily opens and that I don’t have to grab a huge cart when I’m just running in to pick up new sippy cups!

GB Zuzu convenient #MC #GBThatsMe


I love the vivid color of this stroller and how stylish it is.  Not only that, the plush strap guards are fantastic.  My kids tend to complain when the straps rub their necks, so this is a huge deal for us!

GB Zuzu stroller canopy #MC #GBThatsMe

BGB gets to enjoy the reclining seat which is great for the long trips at naptime! One of my favorite features is the over-sized canopy.  The regular canopy may be all I need for a non-sunny day, but on those super sun-in-your-face days I can unzip the canopy so that it shields BGB and provides even more comfort!

GB Zuzu oversized canopy #MC #GBThatsMe


When we were expecting baby #3, we traded our SUV in for a minivan to gain more room for the kids and all the things we carry around with us.  While I’m no longer traveling with 2 Pack n’ Plays, an exersaucer and all the other huge baby gear items, I do need to fit a stroller in this trunk! Even still, this is what a typical vacation looks like – and this is just the one car!

compact stroller #MC #GBThatsMe

I love all the free space that the GB Zuzu stroller allows.  My old stroller took up the entire trunk!

Trunk Space #MC #GBThatsMe

But the GB Zuzu stroller frees up so much space!  I’m no longer trying to squish my grocery store purchases in and around a huge stroller!

Compact travel stroller GB Zuzu #MC #GBThatsMe

Even better, when the GB Zuzu stroller is simply in the garage, it is self-standing when folded.  Not only that, it has a sliding fold that makes the stroller shorter than a typical umbrella stroller and easy to tuck away in the corner of my garage!

Slide Fold Stroller GB zuzu #MC #GBThatsMe


This stroller can become a travel system! The GB Zuzu stroller is compatible with select Graco and Chicco infant car seats.  Lucky us, we have the Graco Click Connect 40 which can lock into this umbrella stroller!  I’m totally loving the fact that someone finally came up with a stroller that can be a functional travel stroller when needed! No more bulky strollers required to fit your infant seat!

Graco Chicco carseat stroller #MC #GBThatsMe

I’ve enjoyed using my new GB Zuzu stroller over the past few weeks!  GB products are sold exclusively at Babies “R” Us stores and

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