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Errands can be exhausting.  The small amount of “free time” today just makes getting everything that needs to be done seem like such a, well, chore. My errands typically include getting all three kids in and out of the car for our various shopping needs, and someone is usually vocally unhappy about being in the car. What I need is one-stop-shopping like I find at Sam’s Club to help keep my sanity.

It’s funny how, when you are short on time and familiar with a store, your viewpoint changes.  You have this tunnel vision that enables you to speed through the aisles without really seeing all that the store has to offer.  I recently had an eye opening experience shopping at Sam’s Club with my friend C. Last week, I had to pick up a few things at Sam’s Club and was only able to go after work. I invited C to join me as Sam’s Club is equidistant to both of our homes – the perfect meeting place for our busy schedules!

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We chatted over some pizza about what was going on in our lives. I’m over the moon excited that my friend C is expecting her first child, a boy, and I can’t wait to share all the fun things that come along with being a boy mom! We wandered the store and talked about car seats, strollers and, you guessed it, diapers!  I shared with her all the fabulous savings I have found at “the Club” and how the diaper savings makes my Sam’s Club membership cost definitely pay for itself!

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That’s when I realized how much more Sam’s Club has to offer! I had no idea that, in addition to merchandise, Sam’s Club offers a variety of services.  Upon a closer look, I immediately noticed the Pharmacy, Tire Center and Optical departments. These are all things that, in my tunnel vision shopping, I overlooked!  And, these are all services that I need!


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Busy mom that I am, earlier in the day I had all three kids at the doctor’s office getting their flu shots. The kids had been moaning that they had the shot but I didn’t.  I was telling C all about that fun “mom moment” when I remembered I passed this sign about flu shots being available today.

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We walked over to check with the pharmacist to see if they had flu shots available to administer. Even though the kids were protected, school just started so you know those germs will be coming home. It’s never a good thing if mom gets sick, right? The process was quick and easy, just a few forms to fill out and then they called me over to a semi-private table to administer the flu shot.

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I’m not one to waste time, so as soon as I saw the Tire & Battery Center I knew I had to check it out.  My husband has been mentioned several times that he needs to get a few quotes for replacing his truck tires.  I headed over and asked for a quote by just giving them the year, make and model of his truck.  Since I didn’t know what size tire he needed, the nice associate just printed off a variety of different options available for the type of truck my husband drives.  So friendly and so helpful since we’ve been talking about needing tires for nearly a year now!

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I have been wearing contacts for nearly a quarter of a century. Wow. I really feel my age saying it that way! I do have eye glasses but I probably only wear them for about 2 minutes a day: on my way to/from the bathroom to put my contacts in/out. Since my vision hasn’t changed much, I still have a pair of glasses that I bought a good 7 years ago.

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As we were passing the Optical department, I realized that maybe a new set of frames AND lenses were possible. I have an optician that I wouldn’t think of leaving any time soon, but he always gives me my prescriptions and encourages me to shop around for lenses and glasses. Thing is, I just haven’t.  Now that I know I can bring my prescription to Sam’s Club I may need to rethink how and where I purchase my contact lenses.  With a 24 pack of lenses priced so well, eye glass frames are definitely a possibility!

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Of course, there will always be various “bumps” throughout the day such as the one below that derail my plans to get my shopping done, but it’s nice to know that my Sam’s Club membership provides me a one-stop-shopping experience for my busy schedule!

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There are so many service offerings at Sam’s Club that I had never even considered, such as: Click ‘n’ Pull, Travel, Credit Cards, Small Business Loans, Merchant Payment Processing, Tires, Protection Plans, Pharmacy, Optical, and a Hearing Aid Center. I know that I will be putting the Click’n’Pull to good use! Buy online (click) and pull up for pick up (pull) is a dream for any busy mom! Sam’s Club offers so many services, it’s a great fit for my family!

You can also check out Sam’s Club on Twitter and Facebook for more information about Sam’s Club Membership or the services they offer.

Which services have you, or would you, try at Sam’s Club?


  1. I am a big fan of their optical I have been going to my Sams Club optometrist for years. He is older and not right out of college. (I had an young doctor at a chain eye place recommend very expensive test for my son, my brother in law who is a eye doctor said they are not necessary for a child his age it was a fancy term she learned in school- he told me to go back to my Sams Club Doc. ) My Eye doctor at Sam club does a great job his knowledge is top notch.. I know my prescription will be right and glasses will be of great quality.

  2. I can totally identify with getting tunnel vision when you’re out doing chores. I’ve never even thought about shopping for Tires at Sam’s Club. I’ll have to check that out next time I go in! Thanks for sharing! #client

  3. I always loved going to Sams Club with my mom as a kid. I keep debating a membership, this reminded me of all the reasons why it would be nice to have one.

  4. I got a membership last fall w/ a great groupon. I love that I can get a $5 rotisserie chicken, my K-Cups and wine at a great price. Plus, the kids love getting a cheap snack at the snack bar! I need to go soon actually!

  5. First of all, only you could look that glam getting a shot in the arm at Sams Club next to a stack of tires. 🙂 Second of all, you’ve given me like 7 great reasons to sign up at Sams! I had no idea they had tires, glasses, or a pharmacy and I bet they have other things we need too.

  6. I hope little one is ok! Sam’s club is really a one stop shop. I didn’t realize they had an optical dept!

  7. We would definitely use their optical services for glasses, especially for my son.

  8. That’s great to know Sherry! Glad to hear a first hand experience with the Sams Club Optical department was top-notch! My next visit isn’t until next year but I’m definitely going to check out their lenses and frames!

  9. Sometimes you need that tunnel vision, but I’m learning that I need to get those blinders off from time-to-time!

  10. It’s so very nice to have, Julia! Each year my husband and I re-evaluate our expenses and this is one that keeps staying – the deals and what we buy nearly make it so worth it!

  11. I just renewed and missed that groupon by a day! But I love the deals so even paying regular price for the membership is OK in my book! Those rotisseries have saved our dinners more than a few times!

  12. You are too sweet Carrie! It was really an eye opening experience walking through with my friend. It’s so much more than discounts on diapers or an inexpensive lunch!

  13. Thanks Caitlin! She’s a tough cookie, this one! I didn’t realize they had an optical department either! So many great deals!

  14. I’m really hoping the kids do not inherit my poor vision, but if they do I know I’ll be comparing prices at Sam’s Club!

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