Adventure Aquarium’s New Frogs Exhibit

Living in the Philadelphia area, we’re used to snow, sleet and generally cold weather during the winter. This winter, however, was a crazy Polar Vortex exception. Sub-zero weather and snowstorms bringing us our 3rd snowiest winter in history have keep us cooped up and out of school for far too long. In fact, this week alone we had 2 snow days and one 2 hour delay. Trust me, a 2 hour delay is no fun when it means my son is only in his kindergarten class for 95 minutes. Yep. Fun times.

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I was ecstatic to receive an email inviting me to check out Adventure Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Frogs: Natures Messenger, which runs from January 17th through April 27th. We haven’t been back to the aquarium since before BGB was born but the boys have asked me quite often “when can we go back”. Since we’ve pretty much been housebound, this weekend seemed like a great time to revisit the aquarium as a family of 5.

In addition to fan favorites such as hippos and sharks, visitors will find a variety of friendly amphibians throughout Adventure Aquarium.¬† There are also Frog Up Close Encounters and Talks with Aquarium biologists as well as Animal Experience Specialists who will introduce you to the frog’s characteristics, habitats and the impact they have on our environment.

Frogs: Natures Messenger brings visitors the opportunity to come face-to-face with frogs of all types, sizes and colors. During the exhibit the aquarium will be home to more than 20 species of frogs and amphibians including the red-eyed tree frog, the poison dart frog, the tiger-legged monkey frog and the African bullfrog through April.

Adventure Aquarium American Bullfrog

Cbear surprised me and was very chatty about how frogs begin as tadpoles and then progress “to a two-legged frog and then a frog that we see in a pond”. He was so cute showing me on the display how this happens. Perhaps he takes after his daddy and we have a future biologist in the making. Whatever the case, he loved watching the tadpoles swimming around in this exhibit.

Adventure Aquarium Tadpoles

We spent nearly 5 hours wandering through Adventure Aquarium, taking in all we could and then revisiting a few sections that are the boys’ favorites. Bbear thoroughly enjoyed the “Shark Tunnel” where he could safely watch the sharks swim by overhead.

Adventure Aquarium Sharks

Cbear is getting more and more adventurous. He was so excited to touch the sharks and stingrays that we had to go back to the stingray exhibit so he could pet them again. Remembering how wet he got the last time we visited, I was prepared with an extra shirt this time!

Adventure Aquarium Stingray

BGB was also amazed at all Adventure Aquarium had to offer. This was probably the first time we went on a family outing such as this where she really got to experience what was going on. The vibrant colors of the seahorses and the jellyfish with their ghostly swimming had her mesmerized.

Adventure Aquarium Seahorses

Overall, we had a great trip and enjoyed the new Frog: Nature’s Messengers exhibit. If you haven’t been to the aquarium in a while, definitely visit before the exhibit ends – it’s a must see!

Adventure Aquarium

*Disclosure: I was provided free admission in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Daily Vacationer had an amazing time at this exhibit! Always a great time at Adventure Aquarium!

  2. Always a fabulous time! I love watching the kids grow from just amazement at the creatures they see, to inquisitive about their habitat and lives!

  3. Love the seahorse picture. Great family place.

  4. Sounds Like a great day I cant wait to go. My kids love frogs.

  5. how fun!!! I haven’t heard about the new exhibit yet – so this will be a good excuse to get back to the aquarium.

  6. This looks so fun! After being at the Baltimore Aquarium, I’m impressed you lasted 5 hours! But I love that they have a touch tank!!

  7. Cool! We have plans to go soon! Looks like fun!

  8. Love this! We went last summer and it was SO much fun. Our favorite exhibit was the shark tank for sure. That said, we didn’t get to see the frogs. My kids would love them! Now I can’t wait to go back!

  9. We haven’t been in so long, but you’re post has us craving a day at the aquarium!

  10. The seahorses (and jelly fish) completely mesmerized my daughter! I agree… perfect place for a family outing!

  11. It was a fabulous day, especially given all our snowy and cold weather! I hope you get the chance to go very soon – the exhibit runs through late April!

  12. Great excuse to go visit the Aquarium! It was an exceptionally fun time!

  13. There was no way I would have lasted that long if I was by myself with the 3 kiddos! Have to give credit to my husband for helping last that long! The boys were just so excited we revisited several of the exhibits.

  14. Your girls will enjoy it, I’m sure Noelle! We packed lunches and made a full day out of it!

  15. My boys had repeatedly asked to return since we went a year ago, and as we pulled out of the lot my Bbear told us he missed the Aquarium already. Definitely great memory-making adventures to be had!

  16. Indulge in that craving! It’s a great change of pace from the day-to-day routine! So many fabulous exhibits to see!

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