Rainy Beach Day

We’re enjoying our time away at the shore, despite Daddy not being with us because of work. We had a full travel day on Monday, leaving at 9am for a dental appointment for both boys,then the hour drive to mom and dad’s house, the the 2 hour drive to the beach. Of course we had a few pit stops in between, but nothing restful. In fact, by the time we arrived in CM I was exhausted from being out and about for over 6 hours. Too much driving for me!  So the boys played in the back yard to burn off some of that car ride energy.

Day 2 didn’t provide much hope for hitting the beach, or even the zoo. The weather forecast called for rain All.Day.Long. UGH. Thankfully, we had a few hours in the morning that, while gloomy, enabled us to visit the beach and see the ocean. Cbear was all about getting his toes wet and playing in the sand, so if a 2nd day had passed and he had not done that yet… well, I don’t know how we would have dealt with him!

And of course, so many thanks for mom visiting with us… I would never be able to get the boys to the beach without her!  Here are a few pictures from today:

Even at the shore, the Cbear and Bbear find something regarding construction equipment!

Which way do I go?

Bbear – future lifeguard? First responsibility: figure out where these tracks lead!

It was FREEZING! Yet he refused to put his hoodie on and continued to throw rocks into the ocean.

Even after dinner, Cbear still had a crazy amount of energy. So happy 🙂

… So he decided to teach Bbear how to fly!

Next up: hoping for the beach in the morning, a good lunch with naps following and then a visit to OC to see my best friend and her boys 🙂

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