Our holiday weekend didn’t start off super exciting. After a long week of not napping, Cbear was in rare form behaviorally. Bbear is becoming ever the 2-year old and had mastered the use of “Me”, “Mine” and “No”.  With a long, hot weekend ahead, we were all hoping that things would settle down!

Last Christmas we were lucky enough to receive a fire pit for our patio.  We’ve used it a few times, but never for a fun evening of toasting marshmallows with the boys. Since this weekend was the unofficial start of summer, we figured it was the perfect time to IGNITE SUMMER MEMORIES by having a HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE.


We had a few issues getting our fire to remain lit. The weather this weekend was extremely humid and therefore we had a few downpours of rain that made the wood we had collected for the fire pit a bit wet.

The boys are still young, and have never toasted marshmallows before, therefore Daddy helped guide their sticks over the flames.  Cbear was really excited to use the sticks over the fire pit but Bbear was a bit more apprehensive.

Since the bears were monkeying around with their marshmallows, I got their Hershey’s chocolate and Honey Maid graham crackers ready on the monkey plates.

S’more perfection!

Cbear (a.k.a. our mini Mr. Monk) was not a fan of getting messy. In fact, he sort of freaked out about it. Instead, he opted to eat his S’mores components individually. At one point he asked, “Is there S’more in my Ear?”. Even though he wasn’t eating a real s’more, he had somehow managed to get melted chocolate in his ear and I had to use a wet wipe to clean it for him!

On the other hand, Bbear thoroughly enjoyed his first S’more. I had to show him how to hold it with both hands but after that he went to town on his tasty treat!

One happy camper! His mouth is completely full here – he even licked his fingers after!

Overall we had a successful and fun family night. What a great way to start the summer season!

You can check out the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE Facebook page where you are invited to join in their virtual summer camp with new activities every week. Become a camper and starting June 11 you’ll be entered to win an outdoor fire pit!

*Disclosure: I am a member of The Motherhood and received supplies to make S’mores as well as a small stipend. This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine. #smores #CampBondfire


  1. Looks yummy. I always opt for the messier version though. 😉 By the way, I used to have the very same (adult) plates. Great minds think alike I guess.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Yes, I like it messier too! My finicky little man needs to learn what he’s missing 🙂
    Too funny! The plates drive me nuts though – they show every little mark!

  3. Look at your cute little guys! They seem like they loved them. We’re having our our exploration of S’mores later in the summer and I can’t wait to see how the kids enjoy them. Love that last photo, by the way!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thank you! Can’t wait to see how your S’mores adventure goes! It was so much fun 🙂

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