Easter Recap: The Hunt is ON!

Wow, it’s been a long few days. The boys had slight colds at the end of last week, but man was I walloped with it. I have been out for the count since Saturday night. And when I say out, I mean darn near sitting up in a fruitless attempt to sleep. I had so many pillows around me it is a wonder hubby could even fit in our king sized bed! I even missed Easter day at my parents house and the boys went there without me. It was just one of those things, I suppose, but rotten all the same.

We did have a fun Easter Morning here. Lots of excitement since this was the 4th egg hunt that Cbear had participated in and the 3rd for Bbear (in one week – you can read about our first hunt here). Since I’ve been MIA, I’ll stop with the writing and just get to the pictures 🙂

Cbear woke up knowing that there would be an egg hunt this morning. I can’t imagine what he will be like for Christmas next year!

They rushed down to see if the Easter Bunny had hopped into our house. First spotted – Easter Baskets!

Cbear found the first egg!

Bbear was all about showing Daddy each and every egg. That, or he was hoping Daddy would open each and every egg so he could eat them!

Cbear was curious what Bbear had as well.

Shaking eggs was a fun time too (still in an effort to get Daddy to open them all).

Check out my basket, y’all!

Comparing the loot.

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