Boom-a-rang Boy

Bedtimes are still nuts with Cbear. My” never a good sleeper” has turned into a “can’t get him to bed” boy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that once he gets to sleep he stays asleep. It certainly could be worse. I know it.  Here is a break down of the crazy nap and bedtime routine.

Bathroom: Potty and then brush teeth (the child LOVES to brush his teeth).

Jammies: (yes, even at naptime. He refuses to nap unless he is wearing jammies. Sigh).

Read stories (1 at nap, 2 at bedtime).

Kisses and then tuck into bed.

This is where the King of the Stall comes out of hiding. I’m not even sure I can count how many times that child got out of bed today. And he totally plays me.

“I need a hug”

“I need a kiss”

“I didn’t tell you I love you Mommy”

Oh yeah, this kid has my number. And did you check out that smile? I tell him that he lost his beloved pop-tart for the next morning. I tell him Brendan now gets to select the tv show for the morning. I let him know that the next time he comes out of his room I will have to turn the hall light off (ouch, so mean!).

One day I’ll look back and wish he wanted to be around me all the time. But for now? I love my buddy, but for now I wish he’d stay in bed!


  1. Your little one is adorable. I have some of the same troubles at bedtime with my two little ones (ages 5 and almost 4). Bedtime is about the time that they both decide it’s monkey business time…and the screaming and running around ensues. By the time I get them in bed, I’m tired myself. But I try to stay up to have a little me time (and when daddy’s home, then it’s me and daddy time).

  2. I’m dreading when my younger son (2) is no longer in a crib – I can see the same thing that you are dealing with happening here! And I agree, you need a little “you” time even when you’re tuckered out. It’s so tough when they are up roaming the halls! Thanks for stopping by!

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