Another Fantastic Day

This past weekend, when I saw that the weather was going to be near 60 degrees on the last day of January, I rethought the idea of a house playdate and asked my neighbor and my friend Steph if they would like to do a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo instead.  Now, the idea of myself and the boys hitting the zoo without my husband scares me.No, really, it scares me to death.  These are two boys that love to run, and if they aren’t chasing each other they are running in completely opposite directions. Try telling a 2 and 3 year old to stop that, they just think it’s funny.

Add to this picture of a frazzled mom running in circles trying to catch a preschooler and toddler the very real and terrifying fact that kids wander off and get lost. Or taken. Shiver. In fact, I just read Girlymama’s post that this very thing had just happened this past weekend at the  Auto Show. Her daughter, who is much older than my boys, went missing. Talk about adding fuel to my already crazy paranoid fire.

But I know I need to venture out with them more. I can’t keep them sheltered or the very thing that scares me might very well happen because they never learned that they shouldn’t wander off. The night before I tossed and turned constantly asking my husband to remind me that I would NOT be losing my children. That they WILL be safe. After all, we were 3 adults with 3 three year olds and 3 (mostly) in strollers. We could certainly handle this. Couldn’t we?

Still, I kept going back to the little lost girl. Something her mother wrote made me realize I needed to do more with my 3 year old than just be sure he knew our street name and city. He knows those as well as Mommy and Daddy’s first names. This little lost girl was old enough to know her phone number. Learning that many digits would be hard for Cbear, but I figured it was worth a shot. Even if it is just once a day in the car. We’re working on the area code right now. He gets it right 50% of the time and it has only been 1 day of practice. After all the repetition, I’m sure Bbear will just know it off the top of his head without prompting.

On to the zoo…

I WAS AMAZED at the behavior of both of my boys. Seriously. They were angels. When I (or another mom) said freeze, Cbear froze. Took a moment for Bbear to realize he needed to as well, but he mostly did. When I told Cbear to slow down, he did. I had Bbear walking next to my stroller, holding on to my keys that I had attached to the side like a little rope. I was so happy and so impressed with how well they did.

It was also a fabulous day to hit the zoo. It was not crowded and the animals were amazing. The otters had to be the best part of the day. From the smell of things, they had just had their fishy lunch and were all too willing to show us how much fun they can have in the water. The kids ran back and forth following them as they lapped the enclosure.  The tiger was busy proudly marching back and forth in front of the children, it’s like he knew they were there and wanted to show off.

If we keep experiencing weather like this, I can’t wait to hit the zoo again!  In the meantime, here are two photos I managed to take with my phone (boy those kids moved fast!!!). Of course, Cbear was wearing his “shades” all day:


  1. don’t be scared! that was the first time we’ve had a scare like that. and we’ve taken our kids to INDIA. seriously — teach them the basics, keep an eye out and you’ll be fine!


  2. Thanks! I am working in it!

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