Cbear the “worker-man”

Today is new window day. I put the “clubhouse”, as the boys call it, between the kitchen and the dining room to block the boys from the men working on the window. This also allows the boys to check out the status of the work. Cbear decided he needed a work hat as well as his tools to “help” them. Bbear was interested for a short bit, but then chose to watch the Little Engine that Could.

Mommy’s smart move: putting the dining room curtains up on the cabinets to make a makeshift barrier between the cold rooms without windows and the kitchen and family room – go mom!

Cbear checking out if things measure properly.

Hmmm… this might be a tough job.

Loves being a “worker-man” with the big guys!


  1. What a cute little helper. And good thinking with that curtain! I bet it got cold in there!

  2. Thank you! Day 2 was worse so we went upstairs. Brrrrr!

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