Preschool Changed Our Lives

… but in ways I wasn’t expecting.

This is the time of year for registering children for the following fall at school. We live in an area where registration can be a bit nuts – in fact, just last week I registered Cbear for the 4’s program next year and in order to ensure we still kept the same 3-day schedule in the am, my neighbor ran the forms for the three of us in the neighborhood over to the school on the 1st day of registration so we could be at the top of the first-come-first-serve list. I’ve heard of other schools where the line forms outside of the building long before the doors open. Crazy!


At the start, I was worried about Cbear. I wasn’t sure if he was behaviorally ready to go to school. He is a June birthday and everything I’ve read or heard is about how boys are a little slower on the curve at this age. I found out how wrong that stereotype is for my son. He’s bright, loves being around the other boys, enjoys craft-time and for a kid that will not share his toys at home he looks forward to show-and-tell day each week. He was ready.

Then there is Bbear. Once I got past the beautiful thought of only having one toddler to take into the grocery store a question crept into my mind: What do I do for 2 1/2 hrs with him??? When Cbear was 1 1/2 I was already caring for a newborn and a toddler. I was never in the position of having a child this age with my undivided attention. As the school year inched closer, I started to wonder if I would be enough entertainment for Bbear. He’s always had a peer to play with at home and thinks he is the same age as Cbear. They do everything together, and while they fight constantly they really are best of friends. When one boy isn’t around the other tends to be a bit lost until his return. I started to become a bit unnerved by this idea.


I was struck this morning how my fears were really unfounded. Maybe it was just the fear of the unknown since I never had a child in school before. Or perhaps it’s just what every mother wonders (tell me yes!!) when their child moves into a different phase of their life. In any case, I’m well past that fear now.

Cbear loves preschool and Bbear, well he enjoys his quiet time. Sure there are times when he gets a little sad when he realizes Cbear isn’t here and his face certainly lights up when I say it’s time to go get his big brother, but he enjoys the time alone, playing. I feel terrible to admit it, but I don’t really play much with him during this time. I feel like it’s his time to have free reign over all the toys – especially the ones Cbear does not allow him to have.

I’ll finish with a picture of how Bbear was entertaining himself the entire time I was typing this post. The happy conductor (or derailment mastermind- the jury is still out on that one):


  1. How cute! Having some time for free, independent exploration is a good thing. We homeschool, so our kids are together most of the time, but they each have their quiet moments every day when they can spend some time alone, look at a book, build with blocks, whatever…it recharges them. It’s hard having to get along and try to play nice all the time. Just as Mom likes some quiet time to sip a cup of tea and check or email (or read good blog posts). ;0)

  2. Well said, Susan. I’m impressed with mothers that can homeschool. I would love to, but I knew it was just not for me. And yes, it was a nice time to just get that quiet time! Oh how I (or rather both of us) do appreciate that!

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