Cbear and Daddy: The Christmas Tree Raising

We bought our tree at our old Fire Company’s tree sale about a week ago. Aside from loving the area, the volunteers were so kind to the boys. We immediately found two great trees and then the man who helped us took us all inside to check out the trucks.  Cbear was just in his glory. Not only did we get to pick out our Christmas tree, Cbear was able to sit inside the truck with a big boy seat belt on. Like with his Halloween costume, he wanted nothing to do with the helmets. It was a fun (but cold) night.

Back at home, Cbear helped Daddy with the tree. He was circling with excitement. Bbear, well, he was happily eating his crackers but it was pretty well past his bedtime.

Checking to see that Daddy puts the tree in the stand properly.

Yes, that is a knife in Cbear’s hands.  Hoping this isn’t the start of his Crocodile Dundee days.

As mentioned, Bbear was unimpressed at this time.

Both boys loved putting the ornaments on the tree. Cbear will let you know which ones are “delicate”.

Getting his hands on his first tree decoration. Decisions, decisions….

Cbear isn’t sure about Bbear’s placement of the sock monkey on the tree.

He needed to adjust it a little.

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