One Month into School

I know, it’s only preschool, but it’s Cbear’s first experience with being in a learning environment that is not in our home. I had so many fears about how he would do. Would he listen to the teachers? Would he get along with his classmates? Would he miss his brother (and his mommy)? Would Bbear cry at drop off when the teacher took Cbear out of the car?

Yep. Everything was fine.

Cbear loves school.  I’m not even sure if love is a strong enough word for his feelings about school.  But, from day 1, he loved it. That first day I think I had an insane amount of pent up anxiety. I was constantly waiting for the phone to ring saying, “hey, come get your kid he’s not preschool material yet”. I was definitely more than 10 minutes early for pick up.  I waited in the lobby with Bbear clutching my legs. The doors opened. Cbear came running to me. As we walked to the car, he asked if he had to go home and could he please go back to the school now.

He. Loved. School.

All my fears went out the window.  Bbear does not cry when Cbear leaves the car in the morning. In fact, I think he looks forward to the alone time with Cbear’s toys. Cbear tells me each day when he leaves class that he “was a good listener” that day. And while I don’t think he really plays too much with the other kids, he certainly wasn’t the bully I was afraid he might be (given his tendencies to run over his little brother). I’m sure I am not unlike most other parents, wishing and hoping yet worried all the same. I know I let my own insecurities get me wound up those first few days of school.

Now? I wave goodbye to Cbear as he walks from the car holding the teacher’s hand, let Bbear roam around as king of the house for two hours but I am still rushing out the door to collect my preschooler. About once a week he asks to go back to school, but he has started to ask what’s for lunch instead.

While we haven’t ventured to try out Lunch Bunch yet, we’ve definitely got this preschool thing down pat.

How was your child’s first month of school?


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