Bear Powder

This afternoon, Cbear awoke from his nap.  He was crying (read: screaming) like usual.  Then went silent and I assumed he had found his little Mickey Mouse toys to entertain himself as he often does.  After 10 minutes or so of quiet, I pick up Bbear to go see what he is up to.  I really could not be mad, and pretty much just laughed for a good 5 minutes.

HE found the powder, so THIS is what I find:

Poor cookie took a dousing – but he sure smells pretty now!

Cbear helping to clean the powder off the nightstand.  Notice the powder is in his HAIR.  I keep having images in mind of him holding the powder upside down over his own head….


  1. Oh he had lots of fun. You don't know if you should scream or cry so you do have to laugh.It is amazing what they can find to get into. Wait when he has a helper. Look out then double trouble.Enjoy all the fun things of being a mom. He does look cute.

  2. Joyce… I have a feeling B will be the instigator and C will follow whatever he thinks up! Yikes!

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