Easy Trimming with Nuby Nail Clippers

Toddler Nail Trimming Nuby #NubyUSA #review #ad

As a Nuby Parent Blogger, I received the Nuby Nail Clippers for review. I must admit, trimming baby and child nails is the one thing I dread.  I'll change a hundred blow out diapers, wipe up a thousand dumped saucy dishes and cater to our crazy picky eaters over trimming nails. When it goes well, … [Continue reading]

Goldfish Crackers: Snacktime Fun Printable

BINGO Goldfish crackers snack game #GoldfishMix #ad #cbias

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GoldfishMix #CollectiveBias I have fond memories of Goldfish crackers as far back as decades ago.  I can remember visiting the shore or a trip to our local swim club and one of the snacks we … [Continue reading]

New to DSLR: Vol 1


I did it. I finally made the leap. I have been the fence for a while, but knew that this was something I wanted to do, to learn. The one thing that has been holding me back was the price and finding the time to do my research. But I did it. Last week, I bought my first DSLR!  Isn't she … [Continue reading]

Nuby Hangers for Children’s Clothes

Kid hangers Nugy #ad

As a Nuby Parent Blogger, I received the Nuby Hangers set for review. I feel as though I'm in a never-ending battle with laundry.  The best I hope for is getting the clothes cleaned, dried and then hopefully folded and in a basket.  Somehow my day starts to fly by and the clothes end up staying … [Continue reading]

The Picky Eater Chronicles: Vol 1

picky eater child

I have written many times how difficult it is to get Bbear to eat. In fact, what others would consider normal "kid friendly" food is often unacceptable to him. He won't eat Mac n Cheese, he refuses a cheese sandwich, food can't touch.  I sometimes attribute his picky eating to his food allergies, … [Continue reading]